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По умолчанию Color Laser Printer Recommendations?

Hello all.

I am in the market for a color laser printer for home. The various comparison websites that I have consulted are not great, and I know that there are some IT pros here who might be able to make a recommendation.
I would like:
--Separate color and black print cartridges, since I will use color only rarely, never for photos and generally for printing business documents with colored text
--Ethernet connectivity (don't care about wi-fi)
--AirPrint, but I don't care whether it's enabled over wi-fi or through Ethernet via the router
--Ideally, a 500-sheet paper drawer so I don't have to split up reams of paper
--no need for scanning or faxing features

Any ideas would be appreciated!

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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