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Certified partial RAST wing vs "full on" RAST wing - COPY-CLUB. Форум о цифровой печати (Бывший форум BSPRINT)
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По умолчанию Certified partial RAST wing vs "full on" RAST wing


I think Archaleon's comment goes right to the heart of the discussion that should be occurring regarding Swing RAST wings, when he finds it funny that after flying a low B, I am looking for more passive safety (but) in a high B. His assumption is exactly correct - I think I have more passive safety in the high B Nyos RS with RAST, than I would in a (non RAST) low B wing. That is totally due to the RAST system. In developing RAST, Michael Nessler has found that he can greatly reduce the number of collapses suffered by pilots - and when the RAST wings do collapse, the collapses generally are much smaller and the wing reopens much more quickly and less dynamically (than a non RAST wing).

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