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Restart and Read-Error - COPY-CLUB. Форум о цифровой печати (Бывший форум BSPRINT)
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По умолчанию Restart and Read-Error


All of my recent documents were gone. When I tried opening one of my .odt files a message first pops up asking about ASCII filter options, then it brings up the error message "Document in use. Document is locked for editing by unknown user. Open document read-only or open a copy of the document to edit" No matter which option I pick, it opens a 10 page document (the actual document is closer to 20 pages) with nothing but ####### written over and over again. It only appears to be this one document that's having issues. All of my other .odt files open just fine. The only thing that appears to be significant about this particular one is that is was the document that was still open when the computer restarted itself last night. I have never edited it in MS Word or any other program.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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