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По умолчанию A complete History of Telecom Engineers Job!

Jobs for history majors aren't as elusive as you may think. Whether you want to take a history program or have already completed one, you've likely heard the same question many times: What can you do with a history degree? The answer is a lot. That's because the line from a history education to a career isn't linear. Many history majors end up in career fields that seem—at least on the surface—like they have nothing to do with history at all. For example, journalism, office management, and event planning are jobs you can do with a history degree.

So working toward a history degree can provide you with a highly developed and well-rounded skill set that's useful for many different lines of work. You're not automatically destined to become a historian or fill other traditional jobs for a history major. In fact, one prominent university found that almost 55 percent of its history department alumni were working in business and legal occupations.1

That's one reason why a history major's salary tends to be more than that of a humanities or liberal arts major—up to $85,000 or more for top earners.2 Plus, history majors have been shown to have lower rates of unemployment than the national average.3 So, in contrast to some mistaken beliefs about history majors, jobs and earning opportunities can be quite abundant.

Check out the following examples of traditional and non-traditional career opportunities, as well as tips for promoting yourself to potential employers. Keep in mind that not all of the careers listed below require a history degree. Jobs also exist for people who are simply interested in history and want to embark on a career that aligns with that interest.
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telecom engineers job

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